Kalinzu Forest Reserve

Kalinzu forest reserve is a fascinating destination in a purely distinctive way. The scenic guided walks through the ridges will surely make you relaxed. Nature walks throughout the valleys will expose your mind to a new world of forest life. During the forest walk, you’ll see the Rwenzori Mountains, Lake George and Kazinga channels’ beauty.

Kalinzu forest reserve has several sensational wildlife species; for example, the forest has over 414 tree species with advantages that’ll contribute more to the African cultural knowledge you know. The Kalinzu forest also has 380 bird species that’ll upraise your birding adventure to a new level, 6 different species of primates, and 97 species of moths, reptiles, and the flowers in the forest will give a huge smile. 270 butterfly species flying under the thick tree canopies in all colours.

Kalinzu forest reserve is known for the chimpanzee trekking activity that most visitors enjoyed by so many that visit the forest reserve. Kalinzu forest has a total of about 350 chimpanzees and about 40 are habituated by the Japanese researchers’ group that started their research two years back. This means that there are higher chances of sighting chimpanzees when you go to Kalinzu Forest Reserve.

Kalinzu Forest Reserve

The chimpanzee permits at Kalinzu forest reserve are cheaper than for other chimpanzee trekking national parks in Uganda. Therefore, Kalinzu Forest Reserve is the perfect alternative for chimpanzee trekking for tourists on a budget compared to other parks in Uganda like Budongo forest in Murchison Falls National Park. Kibale Forest National Park. and Ngamba chimpanzee Sanctuary among others.

Apart from the chimpanzees, Kalinzu Forest Reserve is also home to other primate species that you’ll find interesting while on your nature walks through the forest. Kalinzu forest reserve has several baboons and monkeys, for example, blue monkeys, black and white monkeys, L’Hoest’s, red-tailed colobus monkeys, black-billed turacos and many others.

When in Kalinzu Forest reserve, you’ll get a chance of visiting the African fortune teller of Kalinzu hills. The Kalinzu hills old man will tell you about the ancient uses of Kalinzu Forest reserve to the communities around it. Kalinzu Forest reserve night experience will upraise your adventure to another level of interest. You’ll love tracking the night primates within the nocturnal primates like the galagoes with huge round eyes also commonly known as bush babies, the Pottos and many others.

You’ll hear the sounds of the African jungles in the night while in the forest for example the sounds of crickets mixed with sounds made by leaves every time the wind blows, making a rhythm of the jungle in Kalinzu.

Kalinzu forest camping site is set up deep in the forest to make visitors experience the whole nature package. The camp was set up deep in the forest to take you away from the everyday world and give you a distinctive natural adventure in the wild that is of the natural setting. The camp is situated in the heart of the forest reserve in the shady tract, to purely have a natural adventure.

Kalinzu accommodation facilities next to the forest are not many; these include the homeland hotel which is 10km from Ishaka. However, visitors can sleep in any lodge within Queen Elizabeth and later move to Kalinzu forest for their activities;