Other activities are done in the Kalinzu forest

  • Birding

The reserve is home to over 380 bird species making it one of the best places for birding in Uganda. The species include the Black and White Casket, Cuckoos, Great Blue Turaco and Sunbirds. this activity is best done in the morning hours but also expect to see other forest creatures, primates, plants and other exciting scenery.

  • Identifying Butterflies

you may be able to view different butterfly species either during the morning or evening with the help of the guide

  • Camping

this is one of the interesting things done in kalinzu forest where tourists set up a camping site the forest which gives them a great experience listening to the sounds of birds, leaves the blowing wind and as well as the animals that are active during the night

  • Nature walks

Using different trails, tourists move through the forest with the guide exploring the different forest primates such as the red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, baboons chimpanzees, bird species, butterflies, and different tree species among others. The trails used include the palm trail, river trail, waterfall trail and valley trail which have different attractions and experience

The trails used during the nature walks

The river trail. This is a one-hour trail where tourists get a chance to see the elephant river known as river kajojo where elephants bathed from. Forest primates such as chimpanzees, and different monkeys can be encounter

The palm trail. This is a one and half hour to two hours. Different tree species such as the dragon trees, and the red tulips tree among others

The waterfall trail. It’s a two hours trail with the kilyantama waterfalls as the major attractions but also wildlife such as elephants, buffaloes among others can be encountered

The valley trail. this is the longest and hilly trail as it takes 4 hours. you may be able to spot many of the creatures and primates living in the forest

During the walks, you may also encounter different animals like elephants, wild pigs, and buffaloes among others which cross from queen Elizabeth national park to the reserve looking for food