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Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda Kalinzu forest reserve, gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest, lion tracking in Queen Elizabeth park all inclusive in the 3 days fly-in safari

Kalinzu forest reserve is a fascinating destination in a purely distinctive way. The scenic guided walks through the ridges will surely make you relaxed. Nature walks throughout the valleys will expose your mind to a new world of forest life. During the forest walk, you’ll see the Rwenzori Mountains, Lake George and Kazinga channels’ beauty.

Kalinzu forest reserve has several sensational wildlife species; for example, the forest has over 414 tree species with advantages that’ll contribute more to the African cultural knowledge you know. The Kalinzu forest also has 380 bird species that’ll upraise your birding adventure to a new level, 6 different species of primates, and 97 species of moths, reptiles, and the flowers in the forest will give a huge smile. 270 butterfly species flying under the thick tree canopies in all colours.

Kalinzu forest reserve is known for the chimpanzee trekking activity that most visitors enjoyed by so many that visit the forest reserve. Kalinzu forest has a total of about 350 chimpanzees and about 40 are habituated by the Japanese researchers’ group that started their research two years back. This means that there are higher chances of sighting chimpanzees when you go to Kalinzu Forest Reserve.

The chimpanzee permits at Kalinzu forest reserve are cheaper than for other chimpanzee trekking national parks in Uganda. Therefore, Kalinzu Forest Reserve is the perfect alternative for chimpanzee trekking for tourists on a budget compared to other parks in Uganda like Budongo forest in Murchison Falls National Park. Kibale Forest National Park. and Ngamba chimpanzee Sanctuary among others.

Besides being hunted for meat and sold as pets, the main danger to chimpanzees is the loss of home due to the increased cutting of trees. The Uganda government together with the Uganda wildlife authority declared killing chimpanzees illegal.

Chimpanzee Tracking

Over 5000 chimpanzees in the country living in Kalinzu forest, Kibale forest, Bwindi forest, Budongo forest and others parks

Bird Watching

About 1100 bird species are found in Uganda. a huge number of birds in found in the western region of the country due to its forestry.

Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla tracking is the most famous tourism activity in the country, carried out in Bwindi forest and Mgahinga forest national parks.

Golden Monkey Tracking

.this is one of the fast growing tourism activity in the country, the tracking is done in Kibale forest, Kalinzu forest and Mgahinga forest

Wildlife Expedition

the country is blessed with the most beloved wildlife animals the “Big 5” in all its parks where wildlife exploration and expeditions are carried out.


Eco tourism in Uganda is carried out in Mabira forest, Kalinzu Forest, Bwindi forest, Mgahinga forest and many other destinations in the country.

Chimpanzee & Gorilla Trekking Prices in Uganda

These are the prices paid for both Gorilla and Chimpanzee permits in tracking or Habituation in Uganda.

Chimpanzee & Gorilla Tracking Tours by Kalinzu Forest

3 Days Kibale National Park

Chimp trekking

Bird Watching

4 Days Safari in Kibale & Queen Elizabeth

Chimp trekking – Bird Watching

Game Drive – Lion Tracking

3 Days Kalinzu Forest & Queen Elizabeth Safari

Chimp tracking – Bird Watching

Game Drive – Boat Cruise

3 Days Murchison Falls National Park

Game Drive – Boat Cruise

4 Days Bwindi Impenetrable, Queen Elizabeth & Kalinzu Forest Safari

Chimp tracking- Bird watching

Gorilla Tracking – Game Drive

Boat Cruise

4 Days Murchison Falls & Kibale Forest Park

game drive – Boat cruise

Chimp tracking – Bird watching

5 Days Murchison Falls, Bwindi Forest & Kalinzu Forest safari

Chimp tracking – bird watching

Gorilla tracking – Boat cruise

5 Days Kalinzu Forest, Bwindi Forest & Lake Mburo Safari

Gorilla tracking – Chimp tracking

Boat Cruise – Horse riding

chimpanzee trekking in Uganda

Chimpanzee Trekking Experience

chimpanzee tracking in Uganda is the main activity in Kalinzu forest thus the second-best location for chimp trekking after Kibale forest national park in Uganda. The forest reserve is home to over 300 chimpanzees with 40 chimpanzee-habituated families. since the reserve is close to queen Elizabeth national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park, Kalinzu is a must stop over giving the visitor a great experience.

chimpanzee tracking in the Kalinzu forest is done in two sessions, namely the morning (8 am) and afternoon (2 pm) sessions both with different experiences.  Tourist meeting at the reverse headquarters for a briefing, are grouped with other 5 tourists, be assigned a guide, and park ranger and then start the trek to the forest. Locating the chimpanzees may take some hours since the chimpanzees move to different parts searching for food and also the trail used matters. On spotting them, only one hour is used to take pictures, see their behaviours as they jump from one tree branch to another, communicate, groom each other, feed, play, and rest among other

In addition to less congestion and the cheap chimpanzee tracking permits at $50 than in other parks such as Kibale forest national park which costs $200, the chances of spotting chimpanzees in kalinzu are high thus a great but affordable experience

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Why Choose Kalinzu Forest

Some of the services Kalinzu provides to clients

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